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Venue: Banquet Room, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA

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Musical Bang Bang is the never-before-seen live theatre spectacular that shoots from the hip without a script in sight.

Actor–comedians Jane Watt (Godspell) and Rob Johnson (Calamity Jane) lead an extremely brave, (slightly mad) ensemble, including Julia Zemiro and Tom Cardy, to come up with a stage show entirely on the spot.

The director, the techies, the marketing team writing this — no one knows what the hell is going on but hey, that’s precisely the point!

Fresh from Sydney’s Hayes Theatre and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the chaos of Musical Bang Bang rampages into the Adelaide Cabaret Festival for two nights only.


Jane Watt

Julia Zemiro

Tom Cardy

Victoria Falconer

Rob Johnson

Orya Golgowsky

and Virginia Gay


Musical Bang Bang is cute as hell, but invariably contains adult themes and some strong language. The show may also contain traces of Jane Watt, egg, chlorofluorocarbons, and Rob Johnson.

Fri 14 - Sat 15 Jun 2024
Banquet Room, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA