Time remaining:

Helpful tips when arriving at the event:

  • If you selected to have all tickets sent to your mobile phone, make sure these have been forwarded on to everyone in your booking
  • Before arriving at the event open your Ticketek SMS message
  • Once your message has been opened, click on the link to reveal your mobile ticket in preparation for scanning
  • At venues using turnstiles, scan your mobile ticket by placing your mobile phone with barcode displaying under the turnstile scanner
  • Where hand held scanners are used, simply present the mobile ticket to the customer service representative for scanning

Trouble Shooting

  • Ensure the back-light on your mobile phone is turned up to aid the speed of scanning your Ticketek Mobile Ticket (see the manufacturer's manual for instructions.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Mobile Ticket Delivery?
Mobile ticket delivery will allow you to have a ticket delivered electronically to your compatible mobile phone and does not require a paper ticket to be printed.

2. How does Mobile Ticket Delivery work?
When you purchase your ticket and choose mobile ticket as your delivery option, you will be required to put in your name and your mobile phone number as part of the purchase process. Once the purchase is complete, an SMS will be sent to your phone containing the event information and a web link. By clicking this link, a web page will be displayed containing your ticket.

3. How do I select Mobile Ticket Delivery?
Mobile ticket delivery will be listed with the delivery options for selected events on both the mobile and desktop websites. You can also opt for mobile ticket delivery via the Ticketek Call Centre by informing the operator. Mobile ticket delivery is not available at agencies or box offices.

4. Where do I select Mobile Ticket Delivery?
The mobile ticket delivery option will be displayed with the existing delivery options during the checkout process on the web. Mobile ticket delivery may not be available for every event.

5. How many tickets can be delivered by Mobile Ticket Delivery?
A maximum of 10 tickets per transaction can be delivered via mobile ticket delivery.

6. What happens if I purchase multiple tickets and received only one mobile ticket?
If you have not received all of your expected SMS’s to the nominated mobile number, please contact the Ticketek Call Centre on 132 849. Your confirmation email should include all of your delivery details plus your customer information

7. Does everyone in my party have to arrive together if I have selected multiple mobile tickets?
When you select multiple tickets, you can opt to have them all sent to your phone or have them sent to multiple phones. In either case a separate SMS will be sent for each ticket allowing all patrons to enter separately

8. Can I forward my mobile ticket to a friend?
Yes – you can forward one or all of your tickets to any phone of your choice (consult the user manual for your particular handset for instructions on how to do this). Systems are in place at every venue to ensure that each ticket can only be used once. The recipient must have an internet-enabled mobile phone to be able to view the mobile ticket.

9. What happens if I lose/change my phone or delete my mobile ticket?
Tickets may be reissued, to the ticket purchaser (only), subject to promoter approval. Please contact the Ticketek Call Centre on 132 849 for more details.

10. What happens if I forget my phone or my battery dies at the venue?
If you find yourself at the venue and unable to access your ticket on your mobile phone, please visit the Box Office and they will be able to help you. You will need to provide some form of ID so that the staff can access your account details.

11. Why hasn’t my ticket been delivered?
Your original SMS may take a short period of time to arrive when a popular show is on sale due to the large demands placed on our systems. If you haven’t received your SMS after 24 hrs, please contact the Ticketek Call Centre on 132 849.

12. What if my phone is not compatible?
Anyone with an internet-enabled mobile phone which can follow a URL link to a web browser will be able to access a mobile ticket.

13. What will happen if the barcode is sent to a non-smartphone?
The user will not be able to view the ticket. The user in this instance may view the mobile ticket on a desktop computer via the link in the confirmation email and print the barcode or visit the box office on the day of the event.

14. Will the Mobile Ticket scanners at venues work through phone covers etc?
Yes – there should be no issue using a phone that has a clear screen protector.

15. Is there anything special I need to do when I get to the venue to scan my mobile?
Make sure the backlight on your phone is set nice and bright. Scanners work much better with a bright screen and it will save you time at the venue entrance changing it if your ticket won’t scan.

16. Can I use a device larger than a mobile phone (e.g. iPad, tablet PC, laptop) to gain entry to an event?
No – Most venues have only a small slot in the turnstile where the ticket or mobile phone is inserted to be scanned.